dRPC Startup Sponsorship Program Kick-Off


The dRPC Startup Sponsorship Program kickoff just happened – what we believe is a dynamic initiative designed to support Web3 visionaries in their quest to expand the blockchain ecosystem and expedite its mass adoption. The dRPC Startup Sponsorship Program understands the intricacies of Web3 innovation, offering valuable resources such as free access to dRPC’s commercial nodes, a promotional platform, and the potential for increased revenue through a referral system. With a commitment to fostering growth in the blockchain space, the program supports startups’ technical needs and enhances their market visibility. dRPC’s mission to empower developers and startups is evident through this sponsorship, removing barriers and enabling a sharper focus on building and scaling innovative Web3 applications.

Engaging Builders

Our approach extended beyond typical online channels such as Twitter to ensure that the dRPC Startup Sponsorship Program resonated with Web3 developers who truly valued our initiative. We aimed to establish a deeper, more personal connection with the ecosystem’s innovators by participating actively in popular events. At EthDenver and EthDam’s hackathons, we engaged directly with the community, spending numerous hours distributing fliers and conversing with hundreds of development talents. Through these conversations, we shared promotional codes, offering attendees the opportunity to test dRPC Premium firsthand. This strategic outreach enabled us to promote our services and to understand and align with the specific needs and ambitions of dedicated Web3 builders, further solidifying our commitment to the growth of the decentralized development space.


The response to the dRPC Startup Sponsorship Program was outstanding, with a vast and diverse array of applications flooding in from ambitious Web3 developers worldwide. Sifting through these numerous submissions, the selection process was exceptionally challenging as it boiled down to identifying 50 finalists, each demonstrating unique potential and innovation. Ultimately, 24 sponsorships were awarded. The high calibre and variety of projects presented a tough choice for the selectors, reflecting a rich tapestry of creativity and forward-thinking in the blockchain space. Each application showcased deep commitment and groundbreaking ideas, making the final decision a testament to the rigorous standards and vision of the dRPC sponsorship initiative.

Participants (Wave 1)

The final list of the dRPC Startup Sponsorship Program participants includes:


BuidlGuidl is a curated group of Ethereum builders creating products, prototypes, and tutorials to enrich the web3 ecosystem. More at https://buidlguidl.com/

Aratta Labs

Aratta Labs is a Web3 blockchain guild, focused on building projects that help innovators and technologists lead the new creative economy More at https://aratta.dev/


Decode is a usable marketplace for financial NFTs to be exchanged for erc20 tokens. More at Https://decode.market


ORDEX wants to be the largest multichain EVM inscriptions marketplace. Like Blur but for Inscriptions. More at https://ordex.io

Chronicle Labs

Chronicle Labs is revolutionising the decentralization of oracles. More at https://chroniclelabs.org


TideFlow is a platform that reshapes how investors interact with financial markets and master risk management, amidst the digital asset market’s volatility. More at https://tideflow.com

Amet Finance

Amet Finance is designed to democratize the bond market, making it easy and accessible for all. With us, bond investments are no longer complex and exclusive. More at https://amet.finance


Lemonade is pushing the borders of on-chain community building & coordination. More at https://networkstate.social/


Nimbus provides real-time data and customized analysis to help web3 investors make informed decisions tailored to your needs. More at https://getnimbus.io


Coinscan is a reliable real-time solution for all crypto analytic needs. More at www.coinscan.com

Marina Protocol

Marina Protocol is a global Web3 tutorial platform that provides users new to blockchain and Web3 with easy-to-use content and advanced interfaces for mining, staking, and transfers. More at https://marina-protocol.com/


Solide is committed to solving the educational gap within the blockchain domain, with a specific focus on smart contract development. More at https://solide-dapp.vercel.app/

Fuxion Labs

Fuxion Labs is about enhanced UX for DEX trading experience. More at fuxionlabs.ai


Domino is about no-code automation for Web3. More at https://domino.run


Multisender sends tokens or NFTs to multiple recipients in just three clicks. https://multisender.app/


Heurist builds Layer 2 blockchain for AI model hosting and inference. More at heurist.ai

Mean Finance

Mean Finance provides a decentralized DCA product. Our new mission for Balmy is to provide a decentralized home banking experience, creating a user experience akin to web2 but leveraging the power of web3 in the background. More at https://mean.finance


IVX is about shorted dated options trading. More at https://www.ivx.fi/


Discovry is a Yelp for NFTs – showing price, utility, IP, and perks. More at https://www.bennies.fun/


SUM is a decentralized film production company.  Learn more at www.sum.pictures

Fractal Visions

Fractal Visions is building an impact initiative platform for the public goods sector. More at https://www.fractalvisions.io/


Interacting with each participant has been an absolute adventure, teeming with innovation, creativity, and passion for the future of Web3. As each developer delves into utilizing our RPCs, we’re excited to see the dynamic ways they’ll leverage the dRPC Startup Sponsorship Program to propel their projects forward. We eagerly look forward to reconvening in six months, at the conclusion of the program, to share the experiences and insights garnered along this journey. It will also be the perfect moment to introduce wave 2 of our program, building upon the successes and learnings of our initial foray. Until then, let’s continue to make waves, create, and build together.