Elevate Your Projects with Blast RPC API




In the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3 and decentralized applications (dApps), developers and enterprises are constantly seeking robust, efficient, and scalable solutions to build and deploy their projects.

With a myriad of blockchain networks to interact with, the need for a reliable infrastructure to seamlessly connect these decentralized platforms is more crucial than ever.

Enter dRPC, your trusted Web3 infrastructure partner, and their innovative offering of decentralized RPC APIs. This blog post explores how Blast RPC API can elevate your blockchain projects to new heights. First, let’s figure out what the Blast blockchain is.

What is Blast?

Blast is a unique Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) solution that introduces native yield for ETH and stablecoins—a feature absent in other L2s. It utilizes Ethereum’s staking yield and Real-World Asset (RWA) protocols to automatically return yield to its users. 

Blast operates on a 4% default interest rate for ETH and a 5% rate for stablecoins, positioning itself as a game-changer in the blockchain space.

What is Blast RPC API?

Blast RPC API is a part of the broader dRPC ecosystem, designed to connect your applications directly to the Blast blockchain. It facilitates interaction with the Blast Layer 2 network, enabling developers to deploy smart contracts, interact with the blockchain, and query network data efficiently.

dRPC platform has out of the box MEV protection for its RPC APIs. So, developers are saved from unnecessary headaches.

How Can You Use Blast API for Your Project?

Integrating the Blast API into your project allows you to harness the full potential of the Blast L2’s unique yield-generating features. You can:

  • Deploy and Interact with Smart Contracts:

    • Utilize Blast RPC to deploy your DApps on a high-yield blockchain environment, enabling your applications to benefit from auto-rebasing ETH and USDB (Blast’s native stablecoin).
  • Process Transactions:

    • Execute transactions on the Blast network, taking advantage of lower gas fees and gas revenue sharing to create cost-effective solutions for your users.
  • Query Blockchain Data:

    • Retrieve data from the Blast blockchain with ease, enabling your applications to provide up-to-date information and insights to your users.

What Are the Benefits of Using Blast RPC for Your Project?

  • Enhanced Yield:

    • Leverage the native yield for ETH and stablecoins on Blast, introducing new business models and revenue streams for your DApps.
  • First-Class Resilience:

    • Benefit from dRPC’s robust infrastructure, ensuring your applications run smoothly 24/7 without interruptions.
  • Affordability:

    • dRPC’s services are three times more affordable than traditional Web3 infrastructure providers, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently.
  • Privacy and Security:

    • With dRPC’s Privacy Shield and front-running protection, your users’ transactions and privacy are safeguarded, enhancing trust in your applications.
  • Cross-Verification:

    • Increase the reliability of your data and transactions with dRPC’s cross-verification feature, minimizing risks and ensuring accuracy.

Setting Up and Using Blast RPC API

To start using the Blast RPC API for your project, follow these steps:

  • Sign Up for dRPC: 

    • Create an account on the dRPC platform to access its services.
  • Access the Blast RPC Endpoint: 

    • Once registered, navigate to the dRPC dashboard and locate the Blast RPC endpoint. This endpoint is your gateway to interacting with the Blast blockchain.
  • Integrate the Endpoint into Your Application:

    • Use the provided RPC URL in your blockchain application or wallet to start interacting with the Blast network. You can deploy contracts, execute transactions, and query data using this endpoint.
  • Leverage dRPC’s Features:

    • Utilize dRPC’s suite of features, including scalable public nodes, privacy protection, and cost-saving measures, to optimize your application’s performance on the Blast blockchain.


Integrating dRPC’s Blast RPC API into your blockchain projects opens a realm of possibilities, from enhanced yields to unparalleled resilience and privacy. As the only Ethereum L2 with native yield for ETH and stablecoins, Blast provides a fertile ground for developing innovative DApps.

With dRPC as your Web3 infrastructure partner, you can elevate your projects, ensuring they are not only cost-effective but also secure and future-proof. Embrace the future of blockchain with dRPC and Blast, and watch your Web3 projects thrive.

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