How dRPC’s free tier works


DRPC is a new service recently opened public access, providing a decentralized RPC provider for Ethereum networks. We have designed our network to offer cost-efficient, reliable, and secure access to nodes in a decentralized manner, using a node-balancing technique to optimize performance.

As we launch our free-tier service, users can enjoy unlimited access to RPC. Our service offers access to various public nodes. Also, we provide access to both archive and full nodes. We continuously add new providers to our service, making it easy for users to access the best available nodes.


We offer several key features in our free-tier plan, immediately after registration:

  • Node-balancing
  • critical service aspect, is available in the free tier. This ensures you have access to free RPC and can rely on the response’s reliability since we have a pool of providers to distribute the load in real-time. A full description of the node-balancing mechanism will be available soon. Stay tuned.
  • You can access full and archive nodes, typically only available with paid plans. Our free tier gives you immediate access to archive nodes.
  • Our free tier also provides access to tracing APIs typically reserved for paid users. These APIs offer an in-depth analysis of smart contract and account creation calls.

By offering these features in our free tier, we aim to provide a high-quality experience for all users, regardless of their subscription level.

With our free tier, we aim to offer as much as possible to our users, and we’ll work towards enhancing these offerings. However, it’s crucial to recognize that this tier will never become a full-fledged replacement for a paid plan because node request volume growth, bandwidth decreases, and maintaining certain parts of the infrastructure requires money. Nevertheless, we’ll persist in delivering essential aspects of our service to all users, as our objective is to contribute to a more secure and reliable web3 environment.



The aim for the future is to simplify the process of adding new providers. This will involve initially adding the provider to the free-tier pool, where they will undergo a quality check. The provider will automatically be included in the paid tier when they meet the necessary quality standards.

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