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Universal access to an auto-scalable network of RPC nodes

Full and archive nodes at the same affordable price, providing a balance between value and performance.
Cost savings
Chains in one place
Developer support
Cost savings
Chains in one place
Developer support
Partners who trust us
How it works?
DRPC’s works on a per-request basis and redirects it to the best-fit provider at this particular moment accordingly with load balancing system.
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DRPC's work has been exceptional and we couldn't be happier. They provide excellent customer support and high quality service with the networks we need. DRPC has been an invaluable partner in making our relationship enjoyable and cost effective.
Sowmay Jain
Sowmay JainCEO at Instadapp
The risk of centralisation around RPC nodes could lead to massive systemic risks across the DeFi space, and very few are aware of this. I am very glad that the DRPC guys are solving this important problem with first-class technology. This is why Lido DAO decided to partner with DRPC.
SeraphimDeFi Expansionist at Lido
We chose DRPC for 3 reasons: their solution optimizes our budget through their cost effectiveness, we get access to a distributed network of providers ensuring efficient workload handling, and they guarantee reliable service with low latency improving the management of our infrastructure.
Matthew Lilley
Matthew LilleyCTO at SushiSwap
The chains we support
With DRPC, you can easily access globally distributed, reliable nodes across multiple networks - with no hassle and no extra feesNeed a different network? Write us
Features & advantages
First-class resilienceMaintains the highest standards of uninterrupted service, providing reliable and accurate data around the clock.
20+ chains in one placeAccess to Archive and Full nodes of the most popular EVM-based blockchains, from our network of dozens of providers across the globe.
3x times more affordableEnjoy savings with DRPC - our services cost significantly less compared to traditional Web3 infrastructure providers.
Our services in details
Discover affordability and flexibility with DRPC‘s pay-as-you-go model.
Pay only for what you use, scale resources effortlessly, and enjoy clear, predictable pricing. Our model eliminates large upfront costs, encourages innovation and simplifies budgeting. With DRPC, you can manage your Web3 infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively.
And that’s not all...
Scalable public nodes for freeWe support Web3 builders and provide best-in-class access to public nodes
Privacy ShieldWe value privacy, IP addresses are only used to route requests to nearby RPC nodes. Our providers cannot access the origin of requests, ensuring user privacy
MEV ShareProtect your users' transactions from MEV by directly routing potential MEV transactions to Flashbots and MEVBlocker
Cross verificationIncrease data reliability by automatically cross-checking across multiple providers, reducing risk for sensitive transactions.
Made a decision yet?
Best for early-stage startup
$0 / CU*
Any supported blockchain
Unlimited request per month
Only public nodes
Start for free
Accelerate your growth!
Paid options
~$0.3 / 1M CU*
Full network of providers
Unlimited API keys
Equal price: Archive & Full nodes
No rate limit
Many new features to come
Start now
Custom plan
Create your own plan designed to suit all your development needs, including SLAs, 24/7 engineering support and custom pricing.
*A compute unit (CU) is a measure of the computing resources required to fulfil a particular request, more details.
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