Getting started
Create DRPC key

Create DRPC key

1. Log into or create your account

Go to (opens in a new tab). You can login via

  1. Your crypto wallet (we support MetaMask (opens in a new tab) and WalletConnect Modal (opens in a new tab) with a lot of wallets supported there!).
  2. Credentials, via email and password.
  3. Sign in with Google account.

If you somehow managed to attempt authentication using Google account while you were already logged in (though we try to prevent this from happening) as user J. Doe — your Google account will be linked to the user J. Doe.

If that has happened to you and you want to unlink your Google account from the user — get in touch with us on our Discord (opens in a new tab) in #support channel.

When you authenticate using Google account and you already have an account with the same email address — you will be logged into that account instead of creating a new one.

DRPC login screen

2. Create new key

DRPC keys are used to differentiate between different applications or parts of an application. You can set a daily limit for each key, and deactivate it if you suspect that it has been compromised. Additionally, you can view request statistics for each key, which can help you track usage and optimize your application's performance.

3. Use your endpoints

Each DRPC key has its own set of endpoints for different networks that you can use to make requests to DRPC.

Endpoints are URLs consisting of

  • Base DRPC URL address with protocol
  • Network
  • Your DRPC key value

You can select available network and protocol for each endpoint.

DRPC default endpoint

Not all the networks are shown on the picture above. Check the list of available networks on your key endpoints page.