Getting started
Teams and roles

Teams and roles


When you first log in and your user record is created, so does your initial team. At first, you are the only member of this team, and you are the team owner. You can send invitation for other members to their email addresses. If needed, new team can be created using modal form on your current team page. Currently we have a limitation of 5 teams per user.

Team page

Roles and members

Apart from owner role there are others: admin, viewer, and treasurer. You can find team's members list on the bottom of the team page. It is possible to transfer your team ownership to another team member, however your initial team is not transferable.

Team members

Roles description

The following is table of descriptions for roles.

Can create API keysYesYesNoNo
Can create teamsYesNoNoNo
Can rename teamsYesNoNoNo
Has access to Statistics API token generationYesNoNoNo
Can set warning/critical levels for team's balance notificationsYesNoNoNo
Can invite new members to the teamYesNoNoNo
Can manage member roles in teamYesOnly for viewer and treasurerNoNo
Can manage member team invitationsYesNoNoNo
Can manage view setting pageYesYesNoNo
Can manage view key endpoints pageYesYesYesNo
Can manage view team statistics pageYesYesYesNo