In the DRPC Dashboard you can see the statistics of the user on the Stats (opens in a new tab) page. There are charts and tables with the information about the user's activity. There's also a possibility to get the same information via the API.

To get started you need to generate API token in the DRPC Dashboard. You can do it in the Settings -> API (opens in a new tab) page. It's also possible to regenerate the token if you need to.

You can get statistics data both by JSON and Prometheus metrics. For both ways you need to specify Authorization header with the Bearer token like so: Authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN_GOES_HERE

Also both endpoints have rate limit for 10 requests per 1 minute.


The JSON data is available at the https://drpc.org/api/metrics/json endpoint. For JSON endpoint you must specify range query parameter to get the data for the specified time range.

Valid values are hour, day, week, month. So if you want to configure range it will look like https://drpc.org/api/metrics/json?range=day.

JSON response has the following format:

type MetricsResponseJSON = {
  balance: number;
  data: GroupedDataItem[];
type GroupedDataItem = {
  client_key: string;
  request_count: number;
  cu: number;
  network: string;
  connection: string;
  provider_id: string;
  method: string;

Prometheus metrics

The Prometheus metrics are available at the https://drpc.org/api/metrics/prom endpoint. For Prometheus metrics time range is last day.

Prometheus metrics are available in the following format:

# HELP drpc_client_balance Balance of DRPC client
# TYPE drpc_client_balance gauge
# HELP drpc_client_requests_count Count of DRPC client requests
# TYPE drpc_client_requests_count counter
# HELP drpc_client_cu_count Count of DRPC client compute units spent
# TYPE drpc_client_cu_count counter